Aug 9 2012, 3am

What do you think of humans?

That is obvious. 

They are the most disgusting, vile, horrid creatures that ever came to be.  In fact, why did you ask me a question you already knew the God Damn answer to. 

 I hate them.  I want them all to burn.  Kill them with fire, and watch them scream in agony as I laugh  over their dead bodies. 

I want them all to die, leave this Earth and stop this.  They’re all idiots. 

'Every Man for Themselves'

That is this kind of world. Even those who seem to be the most generous and thoughtful have a  horrid sin about them. A secret, that soon will be found out.  They go around, testing themselves, knowing in the end they’d be hurt.  

They fall  in love much to easily and than let their hearts get broken and end their own life. 

They stomp on others to get  to the top. 

They fight each other, kill each other and will slowly destroy each other. 

 I hate them.  

Jul 25 2012, 6am


Broke my Leg when I was Six